Prague Ghosts and Legends of old Prague
Mostecká 18, Praha 1
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Ticket office – tel.: 257 221 289
Groups: +420 725 952 652

Opening hours:
Daily 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Basic ticket: 
Adults: 190 CZK 
Students: 140 CZK
Children and seniors: 95 CZK 
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children): 440 CZK
another child in the family: + 40 CZ

Come with fear – leave with smile

Enter the world of Prague Legends and meet face to face with Ghosts and Phantoms of old Prague!

We invite you to a world full of humour, poetry and mystery through an interactive exhibition that will appeal to both children and students, adults and seniors, as well as entire families or school groups. The mysterious underground street of ghosts, which is built at the level of former medieval streets, offers the atmosphere of midnight in Prague long years ago. 

Liberated from the noise of cars and neon lights it hides the most popular Prague ghosts in its dark corners. They are headless, skeletal, enamoured, exotic, just the way they have survived for centuries among us thanks to legends and stories handed over from generation to generation. And because ghosts are never bored, they will play hide and seek with you. 

Playful is also the entrance of the exhibition, where you can read a giant book of ancient stories, legends so much as you please, but especially with the help of interactive exhibits transferred directly into the world of legends. You can be sure that when you return to 21st century, you will agree with our motto “You come here with fear, you leave with a smile.”


Prague Ghosts and Legends museum

The Prague Ghost and Legends Museum is located about 100 metres from the Charles Bridge in the Lesser Town. The museum consists of 2 parts: The underground street and the groundfloor section devoted mainly to legends. 

The underground street of ghosts

In the cellar, which includes the basement built in the 12th century, there is constructed a little street with several dark corners which evoke the atmosphere of Prague at midnight many centuries ago. In the street you meet twenty five most famous ghosts of Prague. Some of them you can see directly, but many of them are hidden around you. They are looking through the windows, they are hiding behind slightly open doors, casting a shadow on the wall, or flying somewhere under the ceiling. To find them, use the map on your ticket which suggests where and who you should search for. It would be a pity not to see everything before you go through the gate of the House at the last lantern, which is the threshold into another world – the world of cars, neon lights and bustle of the 21st century.

The groundfloor interactive part

There are no ghosts without tales, as well as there are no tales without ghosts. Therefore, you should definitely read at least the most famous legends in the ground floor. They are written in Czech and English (the most important of them also in other world languages) and they are offered by a secret library of the Spirit of Prague – Genius Loci Pragensis. If you find the stories interesting or you want to read them in peace at home, you can find them in the booklet available at the ticket office. Besides the legends, the ground section of the exhibition also offers interactive exhibits that will delight playful visitors of all ages. You will see charming, original illustrations, objects belonging to individual ghosts, but also ghosts and figures coming out of the walls. Prague walls are in fact flooded with tales of people who lived here and who come back to this world. Look inside the water sprite´s mugs, meet yourself as a ghost in a magic mirror, or watch the vision of the legendary pagan princess Libuse. Your visit in your museum is definitely going to be an unforgettable experience.


Frequently asked questions

Adults: 190,- Kč 
Students: 140,- Kč 
Child and seniors: 95,- Kč 
Family (2 adults  + max 2 child): 440,- Kč 
Child more in family: + 40,- Kč

Praguecard (cool pas): 20% 
Opencard: 20% 
ITIC: 20% 
Groups 15 persons+: 20% 

Combine ticket also for Ghosts and Legends Museum

Adults: 350 Kč 
Students: 250 Kč 
Child and seniors: 160 Kč 
Family (2 adults + max. 2 child): 800 Kč 
Child more in Family: + 70Kč

Combine ticket also for Ghost museum, Museum of Charles Bridge and Cruise to Prague Venice 

Adults: 650,- Kč  / 32EUR
Students: 560,-  Kč / 28 EUR
Child and seniors: 450,-  Kč / 22 EUR 
Family (2 adults + max. 2 child): 1670,- Kč / 83 EUR